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Carolina Girls | Monogrammed Clothing & Gifts in Charleston

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Where everyone can be a Carolina Girl!

While very few of us are lucky enough to live and love in the great Palmetto State, there are an excess of lovely ladies who embody what it means to be a true Carolina Girl all across the world. Being a Carolina Girl is not about location or geography- it’s a state of mind, an attitude.

Carolina Girls are slightly excessive in our behavior. You’ll never see us eat only one boiled peanut, drink one cocktail, tell one silly joke, or soak up just a little bit of sun. Carolina Girls treasure sandy toes and salty kisses and we would never turn down a shag on the beach. Carolina Girls are true southern ladies at heart: we were raised to say ‘yes sir & no ma’am,’ we wear our grandma’s pearls proudly and we take our tea extra sweet and served up in a monogrammed mason jar please! We keep track of tailgate parties, baby showers and Sunday dinners in our Lilly Pulitzer planners and don’t for one minute think we would make the mistake of planning our wedding during football season, all hail the SEC!

Sure we’re steeped in Southern traditions, but make no mistake that us Carolina Girls pride ourselves on the ability to combine classic style with trendy pieces, effortlessly.
So if you’re going to The Carolinas in your mind, let us be your first stop. Here at Carolina Girls, we not only provide the perfect gift for any occasion but set the bar on the gift giving experience. See, as Carolina Girls ourselves, we understand that it really is the thought that counts. Whether it’s a monogrammed gift for your newly engaged bestie, your precious baby niece or a little something for yourself, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for (and then some!) at Carolina Girls.

♥, xoxo