About Ella B. Candles

Ella B Pure Soy Candles was founded in 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina when the creator Julie Tassey, set out to teach her children how to develop a successful product line. Ella B. company was launched on the premise of connecting communities with their local customers through customized candles. The simple design is naturally elegant, bearing the Ella “bee” logo, snuggled in a gift box and tied with a black bow. Each neighborhood’s candle has a unique fragrance that will fill your home with a pleasurable scent. Ella B. has partnered up with the best local retailers in many cities to bring the neighborhood candles that best represent the customers.  When you buy an Ella B. Neighborhood Candle, you are not only getting unique merchandise, but you are also supporting business in your town.


Ella B. Candles Products


Ella B. Candles are not only customizable to represent your community, but they make a perfect gift for just about anyone you know. You can also personalize these soy candles for your birthday, wedding, and special events. That means you can provide custom favors and giveaways for your guests and products for your customers. A candle for everything! The company has expanded their line of candle products with various packaging options, sizes, colors, and fragrance selections. You can select an entire collection to match your brand’s message or to match your style in the form of a specialty candle.


The Ideal Ella B. Candles Customer


Ella B. Candles are one of those products that are made for absolutely everyone! There is no limitation as to who the ideal customer would be because these candles can be a gift, a product you sell in your store or even a promotional giveaway at any event. If you love a fragrance-filled home or customizable favors, then you’re the perfect Ella B. customer!


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