About Luca + Danni


The Luca + Danni brand was birthed from a simple vision turned successful by a couple of brothers who set out to make a powerful name for themselves. The compelling bond between these brothers showed itself when in May 2012, Danny was diagnosed with cancer and went on to fight a difficult battle that unfortunately ended his life a little over a year later in April 2013. Danny Mananimi was 33 years old when he lost his battle with cancer and like most people that age, all he wanted to do was have another chance at life.


Danny’s older brother Fred was so inspired by Danny’s desire to help revamp the jewelry business that had been in their family for years. Listening to Danny talk about all of the idea he had to improve the jewelry line while he underwent chemo treatments, led Fred to turn those dreams into a reality. He couldn’t let the last of Danny’s fuel and ambition go to waste, so Luca + Danni was launched!


Luca + Danni “Born in the USA” Products


Luca + Danni - Charleston SC at Carolina GIrls


The Luca + Danni “Born in the USA” collections are carefully designed to represent something meaningful, beautiful, and timeless. While some pieces may come across as simple, you can bet that each item has a meaning or purpose down to the beads and charms. The products are affordable with the flare of high-end designer jewelry. Each collection differs from the other, but they all include high-quality and colorful metals that will complement your entire look.


The Ideal Luca + Danni Customer


Luca + Danni customer are the shoppers who understand that jewelry pieces are more than just an accessory, they express who you are and what you stand for. If you believe in the energy that jewelry pieces contain and understand that each part has a meaning, then you will love Luca + Danni jewelry. The “Born in the USA” jewelry is more than just fashion; it’s a lifestyle.


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