About Lauren James Clothing


The Lauren James company was launched in 2013 by a registered nurse who turned her dreams into a reality when she became a fashion designer who set out to focus on designing apparel that is inspired by classic preppy styles with a trendy twist. Lauren Stokes, the now fashion designer, aims to create unique looks for you that are timeless and versatile so that you can find a piece in her various collections for every occasion imaginable.


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Lauren spends hours on end sourcing fabric that will make her hand-crafted garments stand out in quality which means that everything the brand produces is top-notch with a boutique fashion appeal. Her meticulous design ethic has led the company quickly up the success ladder so it is no wonder that you can now find Lauren James products at retailers nationwide.


About the Lauren James Products


LJ’s product lines range from dresses to swimwear to accessories so you can be dressed in Lauren James fashion from head to toe on any given day. You could even find comfy tees for times when you’re feeling like dressing in relaxed attire, but still look like you planned what to wear. The Lauren James dresses are fashionable yet preppy and vary from solid colors with stylish design cuts to print dresses with chic patterns. You won’t have to stray away from covering yourself in Lauren’s designs throughout the different seasons because she has tops, bottoms, jackets, hoodies, and even shorts amongst her collection!


The Ideal Lauren James Customer


The Lauren James fashion line is not for every type of girl or woman, but it is for those ladies who care about the way they dress even when they’re only visiting a friend next door. If you enjoy the beach life, sorority life, or preppy “girl next door” life, Lauren James clothing fits your lifestyle. Looking new and chic each day is important to most school aged girls, especially college girls and these are the ladies that love to wear Lauren’s designs.


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