Cape Madras


About Cape Madras

Cape Madras was created from a spark of inspiration when Jenna Sisselman opened her 60’s yearbook and saw kids dressed in madras shorts, shirts, and blazers. With an incredible idea in her mind, she took off to India to find the best madras in the world. She weaved hundreds of samples then went back home to find her own favorite pieces. With her classic, vintage clothing and madras samples, she created a brand new line called Cape Madras. Jenna now has over 500 stores selling her clothing line, a factory in rural India, and happy customers reliving summer memories of friends and family.


About Cape Madras Clothing

The Cape Madras line includes fun, vibrant, patterned and non-patterned clothing for women and men. Their skirts, skorts, and shorts are 100% cotton and are cool and comfortable for parties, events, and everyday use. With super soft fabric and a relaxed fit, these bottoms are sure to be a favorite. The women’s pullovers and shirts are beautifully designed and flattering whether you out on the boat on a hot summer day or out on the town on a cooler evening in the fall. The men’s line includes multiple patterned shirts and shorts, all comfortable and lightweight. All of the products on this line have an air of sophistication about them, while still providing maximum comfort and style. Each shirt, skirt, and short comes in multiple color options to match and compliment your personal fashion taste.


The Ideal Cape Madras Customer

Because Cape Madras’s mission is “Dress like you’re always on vacation,” this clothing line is for those people who listen to Bobby McFerrin’s song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” They understand that a smile is a great accessory and tend to look at life with the glass half full. If you are a laid-back yet sophisticated, stylish but easy-going, kind of person, then you will love Cape Madras clothing.

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