Charleston Girl

About Charleston Girl

Charleston Girl was founded by Kelly Gaskins. The idea of creating a scent that could capture the instinctive elegance of Charleston women popped into her head one day as she was sipping on a cocktail on North Market Street in historic Downtown Charleston, SC. She has always been a perfume enthusiast, and when she started working tirelessly with a chemist to create the scent she was after, it was only a matter of time before she discovered the perfect blend of aromas to match her vision. Charleston Girl Perfume is designed to make every woman feel sexy, sophisticated, and elegant.


About Charleston Girl’s Products

Charleston Girl offers a variety of products including fragrances and body care like lotion and shower cream. Her best-selling perfume comes in a regular spray container as well as a rollerball bottle. The Charleston Girl scent brings out the fun, fearless southern belle in every woman. It represents the classic & charmed southern elite lifestyle that people crave. Over four million people visit Charleston each year, which consistently receives recognition for its unique charm and beautiful women. The women that reside here give Charleston a charm that no one can resist. Known for their elegance and charisma that never seems to age, Charleston Girls are naturally smart, sexy and sophisticated. They exude a confidence and charisma that lights up any room. Charleston Girl takes all of the best qualities of Charleston women and puts them into one tiny bottle.


The Ideal Charleston Girl Customer

The ideal Charleston Girl customer is one that loves Charleston with all of her heart. Whether she was born here, or just moved to this historic city, she should love shopping on King Street, visiting one of Charleston’s many beaches, and soaking up the ambiance of Charleston’s nightlife. When she puts on Charleston Girl’s unique scent, she will be ready to take on the city with elegance, sophistication, and fearlessness.

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