About Emily Ley

Emily Ley was founded in 2008 in South Florida. She was inspired to create this boutique lifestyle brand by her southern roots, her growing family, and her Mama’s knack for keeping a perfectly imperfect home. The brand is influenced by Emily’s personal style and strives to inspire other women to build joy and simplicity into their busy lives.


About Emily Ley Products

Emily Ley offers a collection of planners, books, binders, and other home and office supplies. With each product, you can enjoy a simple design with vibrant colors that shine through details and style and make you want to be productive. The Simplified Planner™ is absolutely perfect for busy women of any age. With an attractive front cover, space for scheduling, to-do lists, and dinner, inspirational quotes on pages throughout, protective gold corners, and so much more, this planner is essential to a simplified, organized life. This same care and user-friendliness goes into each one of Emily Ley’s books and binders. She offers address books, journals, binders, and everything else you would need for keeping track of everything important. In addition to these excellent organization tools, Emily Ley also offers art prints perfect for decorating a home or office. To make life even easier, she offers a variety of notepads to help you remember what you need the babysitter to know, what you need to get at the grocery store, or just what you need to do in general. There truly seems to be no limit to what Emily Ley has in terms of organizing your life.


The Ideal Emily Ley Customer

Anyone who loves Emily Ley is sure to be someone who is simply passionate about life. She will be spirited, strong, bold, and not afraid to speak her mind because she has to get to the grocery store and really doesn’t have time to diddle-daddle. The ideal customer should cherish the small things and find excitement in bursts of color. She will be intentional with her time but also treasure the moments when we can relax and make memories. Most importantly, Emily Ley’s customers know what truly matters and how to hold themselves to a standard of grace, not perfection.

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