About Krass & Company

Krass & Company was formed in 2010 in a Leigh University dorm room. Pierson Krass was tired of the boring athletic shorts that everyone seemed to be wearing and wanted to create a new line of shorts that both looked and felt good. His first pair of shorts combined coastal themes and high-end materials to inspire a look that would soon launch his company. Krass & Co.’s mission is to design clothing that inspires. Who will you inspire?


About Krass & Company Products

Krass & Co. offers both men’s and women’s athletic clothing. All of their shirts, shorts, and sports bras are unique and help you stay true to who you are. The line of women’s shorts are colorful and comfy with fun designs on the sides like vibrant floral prints, exciting stripes, or cute and small icons like whales, sea turtles, lobsters, or anchors. The men’s shorts are similar in style, but offer darker colors like navy blue and gray and have options like stripes or fish icons down the sides. Krass & Co. has a few different style t-shirts. They offer Hidden Pocket Tees™, pocket tees, and tank tops. Each of these options is available for both male and female customers and are sure to bring out your best self.


The Ideal Krass & Company Customer

Because Krass & Company was born out of the inspiration to be unique, their ideal customer would be one who always strives to stand out. Whether that be through clothing choice, hobbies, or even career choice, dare to be different, and do it in style. People who wear Krass & Co.’s clothing are the ones who are passionate about everything they do. From their personal style to helping others or from learning a new language to a day at the beach, Krass & Co. wants to inspire you to follow your passion. With the comfort and style of Krass & Co. clothing, it shouldn’t be hard.

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