About Tyler Candle Company

Tyler Candle Company was formed in 2000 and is based in Tyler, Texas. Dedicated to selling products that provide glam and luxury, their mission is simple: to explore and expand the power of fragrance. They want their customers to “experience the difference” while striving to “improve glamour with every candle.”


About Tyler Candle Company’s Products

Tyler Candle Company sells all things aromatic. In addition to candles, they offer candle holders, fragrance warmers, spray fragrances, air fresheners, and tons of other products that all revolve around one goal: to glamorize your home. From scents like the addictive High Maintenance®, a blend of wood and flowers with a hint of patchouli and vanilla, to the aroma of Diva®, a complex mix of delicious fruits and rich florals with a blend of aromatic chocolate and amber, each fragrance is sure to bring glamour and luxury into your life. To complete the feel of each candle, take a look at their decorative candle holders that beautifully accent and emphasize the look and smell of your fragrance. When the holidays roll around, you can even purchase a Holiday Seasonal Fragrance Warmer™. Their exquisite spray fragrances, too, seduce your senses and transform any room into a paradise of luxury. There seems to be no limit to the extent of Tyler Candle Company’s products.


The Ideal Tyler Candle Company Customer

These candles and other products are for people who celebrate the glam of life. They appreciate the careful craftsmanship of each candle holder, smell fully and deeply the mix of scents that make a Tyler Candle so unique, and dream wildly of luxury. From the second they touch a spark of fire to the wick, they will be closing their eyes and marveling at how their room has turned into an enchanting paradise. An ideal Tyler Candle Company customer will know what truly matters in life, and never stop chasing their passions.

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