Rewined Blanc Collection

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Each Rewined Candle has been handcrafted from premium soy wax and a re-purposed wine bottle. Fragrances are carefully blended to mimic the flavors and aromas found in your favorite varietals of wine. Burn time of 80 hours. Made in Charleston, South Carolina.



Syrah - Notes of dark fruit and blueberry are paired with nutmeg to complete this full-bodied varietal palate. A punch of flavors from citrus to cinnamon is met with smoky cedar wood and a pinch of black pepper.



Rosé - Bright aromas of lush red fruit balanced by a sophisticated floral undertone. Notes of rose petal, white peach, pink peppercorn, and crisp minerality complete this balanced, easy-to-sip variety.



Vinho Verde - This refreshing, zippy white is rooted with tasting notes of bright bergamot and earthy tarragon. Balanced by floral tones of ylang ylang and tart mandarin orange, it’s sure to be your go-to varietal all year round.



Zinfandel - A robust red wine, familiar aromas of tart pomegranate and raspberry mingle with warm vanilla, balanced by subtle undertones of amber and cedarwood.



Bordeaux Blanc - A white varietal with subtly sweet notes of honey, herbs, citrus, peach and rose. 



Chenin BlancA zesty, yet dry white varietal, this versatile wine has notes of white grape, ripe apricot, and a dash of ginger. Look for a soft, sweet finish of light musk and honeycomb.



Bellini - A sparkling experience with sweet notes of fresh peach puree and effervescent champagne.



Prosecco - Hailing from northeastern Italy, this refreshing sparkling wine varietal offers notes of fresh pear, green apple and floral aromas.