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by Stephanie

Remember the sheer joy of ripping the paper off the box and staring face to face with your very own Cabbage Patch Doll? As kids, there was nothing better than a gift with your name on it. As an adult we’ve realized that giving can be even more satisfying than receiving. Giving a gift is scientifically proven to bring more joy. In fact, when we give, our brain releases the same mood boosting endorphins that are released after a long, tough workout. Unfortunately, it doesn't burn the same amount of calories. But it's true - it really is better to give than receive.

So why do we give birthday gifts? Birthday celebrations are an old tradition, ancient in fact, with history spanning several continents. Over 2000 years ago, Romans threw lavish parties and gave birthday presents. While birthdays were celebrated around the world, German bakers were responsible for the invention of the birthday cake, and the Greeks claim to be first at putting candles on cakes. But there is an American connection. The "Happy Birthday” song was written in 1890 by two sisters from Kentucky. It's the song most frequently sung in the English language. 

Flash forward to the 21st century when people have birthday celebrations for their pets. Some people celebrate their birthdays over a week, or claim a “birthday month.” Along with the cakes and streamers come the unwritten rules of gift giving. For some people, choosing a birthday gift can be agonizing. The most important rule - it’s not about you. To be successful at gift giving you simply need to know something about the person receiving the gift. Otherwise it can come off as a meaningless gesture, certainly not what you intended. Many years ago I was given a garage door opener for my

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birthday. Granted, I didn't have a garage door opener. But I didn’t have new jewelry either. I came to realize that this practical gift was given from a place of love, but at the time, that’s not how it was received. Gifts are more than what's in the box. When we get caught up in the physical aspects of giving a gift, we miss the opportunity to make someone feel valued for who they are. You’ve probably been on the receiving end of a bad gift. You aren’t disappointed because the gift is inexpensive or poorly presented. You’re disappointed because of the lack of thought behind the gift. The perfect gift is one that says they “get me." They really know who I am, and their gift shows it. Gifts don't need to be expensive to make the recipient feel good. The best gifts are about the person and not about the price tag. We can get caught up focusing on what we want them to have or what the gifts says about us. Think about the person you’re celebrating and buy a gift that will have personal significance to them. A small but thoughtful gift can be priceless.

▪︎ October 5 is the most common birth date
▪︎ May 22 is the least common birth date

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A gift should also match the depth of the friendship. A gift for a new friend would look much different than a gift for a friend that’s been with you through years of bad haircuts and terrible boyfriends. An overly personal or expensive gift to a new friend could be awkward. An impersonal gift to a bestie could be insulting, leaving them wondering if maybe the two of you are out of touch. In a professional setting, gifts should always be generic. You 

know very little about their personal taste, so don’t get personal. Maybe Frank from accounting could use a nose hair trimmer, but that's a hard "no". Stick to a gift the average person would appreciate, like a candle or gourmet coffee with a coffee mug. For someone we don't know well, consumables make good gifts as one rarely has too much.

 Understanding the recipients personality
is the first step in choosing the perfect gift.

JANUARY - Likes to be first, leader, strong work ethic, analytical, great with money, enjoys solitude. 
FEBRUARY - Loving, loyal, builds long-term relationships, family is important, creative, loves projects. 
MARCH - Ambitious, goal-orientated, introspective, vivid imagination, enjoys the simple things in life. 
APRIL - Charismatic, born leader, great problem solver, great teacher, needs balance & structure. 
MAY - Joyful attitude, sensitive, driven to succeed, works hard but enjoys adventure. Good with money.
JUNE - Kind-hearted, sensitive to the needs of others, puts great value on relationships, nurturer. 
JULY - Spontaneous, extroverted, lives for adventure, candid, stays true to self, makes friends for life. 
AUGUST - Magnetic personality, natural leader, sees the good in others, enjoys helping others succeed.
SEPTEMBER - Nonjudgmental, respects the views of others, likes organization, most likely to succeed.
OCTOBER - Craves balance and stability, has a positive outlook on life, charming, magnetic personality.
NOVEMBER - Fearless and passionate, determined to succeed, known for great ideas, values privacy. 
DECEMBER - Builds long-lasting friendships, ambitious, driven at work, reliable, honest, intelligent. 

Need a gift for the Gayle to your Oprah? It can be hard to come up with new and creative gift ideas for your best friend year after year. Start a gift tradition and add to it every year. Nora Fleming is the collectible gift that keeps on giving. Pick a neutral piece of serve wear and add a darling interchangeable mini attachment. Now you have a gift you can build upon for years to come. Just add a new mini or a new serving

piece to her collection. It's also a gift that makes a difference as Nora Fleming supports St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. People have an extra appreciation for gifts with a give-back element. Those gifts bring twice the joy.


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No one holds a place in our lives quite like our mom. She can be our greatest supporter and toughest critic, all at the same time. It's her birthday, and she’s always going to tell you she doesn't need a thing. She’s probably telling the truth. But sentimental gifts resonate with moms. A gift with emotional significance serves as a reminder that we have a family that loves us, whether they are with us or not. 

Celebrate her faith. Madison Sterling Jewelry Pendants make a lovely gift and look like a piece of jewelry that has been passed down for generations. Each original design is beautifully inscribed with a number corresponding to a specific Bible Verse. Pendants are cast in solid bronze, oxidized, and sealed with a protective finish to reveal a high quality jewelry piece to be 


treasured for years to come. Each pendant is available in 16", 22", and 32" 14K gold filled chain. Comes with linen jewelry pouch and verse reference card.

When someone is hard to buy for, sometimes we hedge our bets by buying them multiple gifts. But the recipient is likely to be happier with one thoughtful, reasonably-priced gift than with a bounty of hit and miss items. And maybe the reason someone is hard to buy for is because they have what they need or they buy what they want. In that case, a gift card is the perfect gift. While some would consider it impersonal, in a recent survey 85% of women said like receiving gift cards. Get creative with how you present it. Unwrapping a beautifully packaged gift card can be just as exciting as unwrapping a big present. 

This brings us to the subject of gift wrap. It's the gift’s first impression and another opportunity to make the gift personal. Do they love a certain flower or color? Choose a wrapping that represents their interest. Are they environmentally conscious? Recycle fabric or a paper bag for gift wrap. The wrap builds up the anticipation of opening the gift. Never underestimate the joy of unwrapping a beautiful gift. It never gets old.

To be a gifted gift giver you just need to know your audience and shop accordingly. What’s worse than opening a gift and hearing, “I hope you like it. I always wanted one.” Gifting is meant to be a selfless act, and that requires leaving your ego out of it. Maybe you secretly long for a new garage door opener. In that case, buy yourself one. We give gifts to show our friends and family we are grateful for them and value the role they play in our lives. You don’t have to be psychic to pick the right gift. You just have to be observant. A well-thought-out gift is the greatest gift of all. 

Happy Gifting!              

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A gift that acknowledges her personal strength. The Monarch Butterfly is delicate and fragile, yet determined and resilient.

"Sisters By Heart"

A gift to celebrate supportive friendships among women. While you may not be blood sisters, you share the same close relationship.

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