What are you wearing?

What are you wearing?

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by Stephanie

Jake from State Farm is wearing Khakis for a reason. They’re comfortable for the workplace and, as a neutral color, they match everything. The color brown says he’s reliable. His red shirt says he’s confident. Our clothes say more than we realize. Even when it’s not our intention, what we choose to wear says a lot about who we are. With much of our life put on pause, fashion has become more about comfort and a newfound love for lounge wear. We’re changing out of our night time pajamas for our daytime pajamas. Maybe you're a social butterfly looking forward to life less than six feet apart. Or maybe you were social distancing before it was cool. You're just fine in pajamas all day. We have abandoned our daily routines to handle important things, like searching for toilet paper online. We’re managing kids who would normally be at summer camp while juggling a conference call and folding laundry. The lines between our home life and our work life are blurred. If you’re working from home, dress code probably isn't a priority. I’ll admit it. I’m guilty of “work clothes from the waist up” for a Zoom meeting. But going through the motions of actually getting dressed for the day does help put us in a productive mindset. Start your positive momentum from the very moment you wake up. How?

Color spreads good vibes. Research shows choosing the right colors in our clothes has the power to affect our mood. Certain colors lower our stress. Others make us feel confident and empowered. But we gravitate to black because we just aren't sure what to do with color. We’ve been dressing ourselves since kindergarten, back in the day when we could care less what others thought. Maybe you still don’t. We respect that. Okay, maybe we're even a little bit envious. But somewhere along the way, for some of us, getting dressed got complicated. Is this too young? Too bright? Too busy? If making color decisions and deciding “what goes with what” is anxiety inducing, don’t buy the Garanimals yet. Let’s talk about the power of color and how we can easily combine colors and even prints that work in harmony. 

Good Vibes Tee in Sunny Yellow
Kissed Apparel Good Vibes Tee
in Sunny Yellow

Are you left brained, mostly analytical, or right brained, mostly artistic? The best dressed among us may rely on a little of both. Maybe your paper mache volcano scored first place at the school art fair. But you completely tuned out during the science lecture on Sir Isaac Newton and his color wheel. #UselessFacts. Maybe it wasn’t. Turns out coordinating colors in your outfit is a science and an art. Having a creative flair is a bonus but understanding how the color wheel works is a game changer.

Color Wheel

The color wheel is basically the rainbow in a circle. It’s also a handy tool to understand the relationship between colors. The fundamental principle for matching clothes is combining colors that work in harmony. Based on the wheel, certain colors and variations of those colors pair together better than others. A variation is just a color mixed with black, white, or both to get different tones of the same color. 

Wearing one color in different tones is called "monochromatic". When it comes to choosing colors, going monochromatic is a very safe choice. It’s just colors from the same family, so pick a color and run with it. When two or three colors are side by side on the wheel they are known as "analogous" colors, like red, orange, and yellow. These work together because they naturally blend together well. Colors that sit directly across, or opposite from each other, are called “complementary” or contrasting colors. It sounds contradictory but contrast makes your outfit more interesting. 

Ready for red? It may be a little daring for you neutral girls. No worries. There is still plenty of room for neutrals in your wardrobe. A neutral is a color that doesn't compete with any other color and works well when combined. In the fashion world neutrals are more than black and white. Shades of grey, brown, olive, and navy, including denim are considered neutral. Too many neutrals at one time can come off as boring and uninspiring. But neutrals make good backdrops for introducing colors. Denim is the perfect neutral base. Jeans are the most versatile closet staple and the one piece of clothing that can be dressed up or down. With casual being the new norm, denim is the new black. Pair your favorite jeans with a cute graphic tee. It's an easy way to add color and hop on the graphic trend. 

Leopard Lips Tee in Canvas Red
Kissed Apparel Leopard Lips Tee
in Canvas Red
Ilse Jacobson Tulip Shoe in Light Chestnut
Ilse Jacobson Tulip Shoes in Light Chestnut

Prints are another easy way to add color as well as interest to your neutrals. Choose classic prints like stripes, florals, or dots. They are reinvented every season but they’re always in style. Animal print is a classic and it’s also season-less. Even if you can’t see yourself in leopard, add it in with accessories. A little animal print goes a long way so stick to one piece at a time. 

But you can’t wear more color if you don’t buy more color. Try picking up an item you already love in a color you haven’t tried. Or your favorite color but in a print. More often than not, we choose what we wear based on color, or lack of. Or maybe it was the only thing clean. Head to toe neutrals say you want to blend in. A crimson red dress says you want to stand out. Maybe it's based on how we feel and even how we want others to feel about us. What does your go-to color say?

Style Yourself in Color

Red symbolizes confidence and courage. Being drawn to red clothing indicates you are an extrovert and passionate about life. It is a bold statement color that grabs attention, hence the reason it’s used for fire engines and stop signs. It is the color of authority and exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy. It can give confidence to those who are shy or insecure. Too much red and you’ll run the risk of looking too aggressive. 

Orange is the color of joy and creativity. It is the blend of the happiness of yellow and the energy of red. It is the most flamboyant color. A person drawn to orange clothing is well liked and makes friends easily. Orange promotes positive emotional energy and a sense of general wellness. It also stimulates appetite which is why it is a popular restaurant color. Orange is bold and gains attention which can be perceived as self-centered.

Blue is the color of truth and wisdom and a universal favorite color. People associate blue with intelligence and trust. Seeing the color blue actually causes the body to produce chemicals that are calming making it a great color to wear to counteract tension around you. People who like blue are seen as loyal and reliable. It is the go-to color for a job interview, inspiring the blue power suit. Too much blue can come off as negative or sad. 

Yellow is a cheerful color associated with laughter and optimism. Yellow is the most visible color and an attention getter. It can improve concentration and is great for boosting work productivity, energy, and your mood. The brain actually releases serotonin when exposed to yellow. The person who prefers yellow has a positive nature. Yellow in your wardrobe can subconsciously liven your mood. Some people feel that it’s indicative of immaturity.

Brown is the color of the earth. It is a steady and grounded shade It is comforting and nurturing and associated with things natural or organic. People who wear brown are slightly conservative and on the serious side. They are reliable and rational. This stable and grounded color helps you feel like you fit in and belong. Research has shown that the color brown is effective in promoting communication. Too much brown says you are boring.

Green is a calming color that’s very pleasing to the senses. It sits in the middle of the color spectrum and is considered the color of balance. People who like green tend to have an even temperament with a large social circle. Green is associated with the rebirth of spring and fresh growth after winter, but can also read as a lack of experience and need for growth. Use green to feel more relaxed, but too much green reads lazy and slow. 

Black is a go-to for it's slimming qualities and because it's a neutral so it goes with everything. People who prefer to wear black strive for power and control in their life. Black is not an attention seeking color making it perfect for those who prefer not to stand out. Black is good in the professional setting showing authority and power. It can also be sexy and mysterious. Too much black can come across as being negative or depressed.

Pink is a romantic color and the color of true love. People who wear pink are perceived as nurturing and compassionate. Pink is the sweet side of the color red. While red represents heat and passion, the color pink represents romance and charm. It is the most calming of all colors. Bright pink is flirtatious. Soft pink is considered calm, warm and feminine. It creates a relaxed feeling. Wearing a large amount of pink can be read as being weak. 

Be Kind Graphic Tee
This Be Kind Graphic Tee is on trend with tie dye and an inspiring message.

It wouldn't be summer without a little white in our wardrobe. With all of the confusion about when to wear white, it's no wonder we run the other way. Is it after Easter or after Memorial Day? It's definitely before Before Labor Day, right? The only rule people seem to agree on is "Don't wear white to a wedding," unless of course you're the bride. The color white can be seen as a blank slate, like a white piece of paper not yet written on. It represents new beginnings and a path to change. People who wear white enjoy simplicity. And honestly, life is anything but. Less-than-perfect times can be the perfect time to reinvent yourself. Sometimes you just need to hit the reset button.

We are thankful for those on the front lines and consider ourselves lucky if we can work from the safety of our home. But it’s hard to find motivation for self-care when we’re eating junk food in our pajamas all day. Having a routine makes us feel more in control. Eat balanced meals. Go for a walk. Get some sunshine. Most importantly, get up and get ready for the day as you normally would. On days we don’t feel our best, the clothes we wear can make us feel better. Don’t overlook the power your wardrobe can have on your mindset.  

Just be you

- Quote of the Day- 
Always dress like it's the best day of your life.

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