Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Tacos & Margaritas Cookbook

Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Tacos & Margaritas Cookbook

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Hotdogs, Hamburgers, Tacos & Margaritas: 130 fun recipes by Steve Burggraf

A smart, fun collection of everyone's favorite foods in a single book - hotdogs, hamburgers, tacos and margaritas.

The hot dogs chapter features a range of recipes including pork & fried onion, chipolata & potato salad, beef sausage and Stilton, and chorizo, queso freso, and guacamole. In the burger chapter, you'll find recipes for the essentials like buns and how to master the perfect patty, before moving on to classics such as a bacon cheeseburger, blue cheese, and southern fried chicken, as well as burgers that take inspiration from all over the world, including an Irish burger, English burger, Spanish burger, and a spicy Indian burger that pairs beautifully with a crisp lager.

The tacos and margaritas chapters contain all of the popular tacos such as carnitas, roast chicken, carne asada, chorizo and potato, ceviche, and baja fish as well as all of the tequila-spiked cocktail recipes you need to turn your feast into a fiesta.