Pineapple Breeze Glass Wind Chime

Pineapple Breeze Glass Wind Chime

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Handcrafted in Bali of powder-coated metal with sandblasted glass wind chimes which make a gentle sound when the wind blows. A great addition to garden or entryway. It makes an awesome housewarming gift, as pineapples are a southern symbol of friendship & welcoming energy! Comes packaged in a box for safe travel.

Dimensions : 1.00 (D) x 6.00 (W) x 15.00 (H) inches

Care : Prolong the life of your wind chime by not leaving it outside in inclement weather or heavy winds. To retain the original finish on the metal, you can periodically spray with a clear rust inhibitor or sealant. The glass is sturdy but should one piece break, it can removed by sniping the nylon thread and the design will not suffer!